Herd of Zebras makes finding referees for your league simple!

How We Serve Leagues

Herd of Zebras is free for Leagues!

Leagues pay Herd of Zebras the same weekly amount currently paid for referees. We deduct a small processing fee from the referee compensation. Referees are always shown their net payment amount before accepting a game. There is no cost to the league for using our service.

Find The Best Refs!

  • We recruit and train referees in your areas
  • We match qualified referees with your program needs
  • We verify the certifications you require
  • We conduct background checks

Automation and Simplicity for your League!

  • We manage schedules for fields, date and time
  • We verify referee check-in via geo location software
  • We relay league specific rules and game alterations
  • We report scores and major penalties in real time
  • We compile referee ratings and performance notes

Payments Handled For You!

  • We process weekly referee payments
  • We provide consolidated payment summaries
  • We file 1099s for all qualifying referees