About Us

Every year, millions of kids have their favorite sports games canceled or rescheduled due to the huge shortage of amateur referees. After operating sports leagues for over a decade, I discovered the referee shortage was only part of a larger global problem affecting every major sport. Antiquated referee management processes cost sports operators millions of dollars in administrative inefficiencies and lost revenue.

Herd of Zebras was created as an all-inclusive solution to referee sports management. We currently serve 10 sports and work with league owners/managers to source, manage, and pay referees in their leagues and tournaments.

We conduct a background check, verify certifications, confirm on time arrival by field location, report scores and major penalties directly to the league, pay referees through their smart phone, and provide tax reporting income statements to leagues and referees. Our service is free for leagues to use and we take a commission from referee payments similar to other shared economy apps.

Herd of Zebras is uber for referees and we are ready to share our sports tech solution with the world!